Heartwarming Tale:

to Soar

by Colleen Taylor

Welcome to Learning to Soar! It’s a place where you can find stories about friendship, bravery, and learning. These stories are written by Colleen Taylor. They’re heartwarming and make you feel good. They’re about birds who learn to be strong and face tough times with courage. Anyone can enjoy these stories, no matter how old you are. They’ll take you on a journey where you’ll discover how to overcome challenges and grow stronger.

Check out our books for kids! We have “Lonely Mr. Sparrow,” a series people really love, and “Dixie a Dog.” Each story is made with love and has great characters and lessons. They’re perfect for any family’s book collection.

Come along with us as we explore the sky and follow the exciting adventures of Mr. Sparrow, Mary Wren, and their bird buddies. Our stories are full of happy meetings, brave flights, and lots of fun. They teach us to be curious, kind and appreciate the wonderful world around us.

About Us

Colleen Taylor

Colleen Taylor has been a passionate writer with a love for writing since she was just nine years old. She loves telling stories and understanding people. She’s written two great kids’ books: “Lonely Mr. Sparrow” and “Dixie a Dog.” “Lonely Mr. Sparrow” is the first book in a series that people really love. Colleen loves being a grandma and watching how amazing life can be. She puts that love into her writing, making it warm, funny, and full of the magic of everyday moments. She wants readers to have adventures, use their imagination, and remember how fun storytelling can be. Colleen has written books and stories that people really like. She finds comfort and happiness in writing stories that make people feel inspired and happy. Colleen wants to share the joy of storytelling with everyone.


to Soar

Find Colleen’s wonderful books for kids that teach important lessons and are really fun to read. “Lonely Mr. Sparrow” is about a bird who goes on exciting adventures and learns new things. “Dixie a Dog” is another great book about a dog who gets into funny situations. Both stories are about being brave, making friends, and learning new things.

Lonely Mr. Sparrow Series

Enjoy the beauty of nature and learn while joining Mr. Sparrow and his bird buddies. They explore the garden, make new friends, go on exciting adventures, and face challenges together. These stories show the significance of being nice, courageous, and having confidence in ourselves.

Dixie a Dog

Come along on adventures with Dixie, a happy dog with a kind heart. She loves exploring and meeting new friends in the neighborhood. Dixie’s excitement will make you smile!


Our books are good for kids of all ages, from little ones to older kids. They have fun characters and stories that are easy to understand but still have important messages.

You can buy our books online from different places, like Amazon and some small bookstores.

Sure thing! At Learning to Soar, we really want kids to enjoy reading. We give parents and caregivers easy ideas to help kids love books, such as making a cozy spot to read or having special family reading times. We make reading fun and exciting for everyone in the family!

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Discover the amazing stories by Colleen Taylor. Get ready for exciting adventures that will make you feel happy, and use your imagination.